07.19 ***Speak Easy*** 5th Birthday Party!!

It’s been 5 Years that Speak Easy has been created!! 5 years between chat rooms, French Parties, Couch Surfing, Russian Night, Italian wine and food… DJs, SPRING & SUMMER PARTIES… Drinks like Sex in Otsuka or Kawaii & Bad… And shots, some many shots…:) It’s been a while, and Speak Easy is still here!! And together, we are trying to do our best to surprise you, and do better!! It’s a big challenge that we are proud to take care!!

5th Birthday PartySaturday 19th July from 18:00 – 18:00時から
Summer Party!! Entrance FREE!!
All cocktails at ¥500. All beers at ¥600 – 飲み物だけ 500 円。 ビール 600 円
SPEAK EASY BAR で会いましょう!!
Check the Facebook event out!!

Anyway, THIS night, we will try to do better!! With surprises and new ideas!! It’s the 5 years of Speak Easy!! So, don’t miss out!! It’s gonna be CRAZY!!