Tokyo – International Event by Go! Go! Nihon

✧ ✧ International Event by Go! Go! Nihon ✧ ✧
Join the Go! Go! Nihon parties to make new international friends!

► ✧ Free entrance ✧
✧ Drinks:
– 1 FREE Drink for the 10 first Go! Go! Nihon students!
– 500 yen / drink

The Speak Easy Bar is a friendly meeting place, where foreigners and Japanese people converge and socialize.

► ► Reminder to Go! Go! Nihon Students:
✧ ☞ Bring your Member’s Card and check in with Go! Go! Nihon staff to get a Free Drink (first 10 students) and join the lottery!
If your number is picked, you get a FREE drink 😉

✧ ☞ If you haven’t received a Go! Go! Nihon Member’s Card yet, speak with one of our staff and they will give you your Card immediately!

We look forward to seeing you there (◕‿◕✿) /

♡ The Go! Go! Nihon Events Team