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Hey Everyone! From now on we are going to post Facts on Facebook every Monday while we’re not opened so you can still learn about countries and languages. Let’s talk about it using the hashtag #factsmonday and don’t hesitate to share your experience and point of view on Facebook! Here is a taste of what is already on our Facebook page:


★1: Let’s talk about France first. You may know French people kiss each on their cheeks other to say hello. You may find it weird but what is even weirder is that the number of kisses they make is different depending on the area. In Paris you will receive 4 while in South-East it’s 3 and in Corsica you can go up to 5 kisses! A great source of fails and loneliness.

oil painting of Judas kissing Jesus by Caravaggio


★2: Let’s travel to Spain and Almería, do you know where the Europeans film when they need a desert? They go to Almería! In addition of a beautiful desert landscape, you can even find a typical far west village reproduction! As an example they filmed Doctor Who and Lawrence of Arabia there!


Alcazaba of Almeria, a little bit of Far West in Spain


★3: Have you ever wonder what was the country where there is the more languages spoken? You may think it’s India but actually it’s Papua new guinea! Papua New Guinea is situated in Oceania, North of Australia and despite being only 462,840 km2, There is over 850 languages spoken! If you go there you may be able to hear some English, Papuan languages or Unserdeutsch as an example! Isn’t it amazing?


A tribe from Papua New Guinea


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