05.11 Picnic at Yoyogi!!

Speak Easy is going to organize a huge Picnic at Yoyogi park!! Everybody is welcome!! You can also invite friends to the event (make sure you add them to the event, for us to have an idea about how many people will join!!

We will provide a big sheet to make sure enough people can seat on it 🙂
Also, a big Ice box, and some sound system!!
I will also bring my slackline, if some of you want to practice it!!

By your side, you can bring what you want!!
– Food, drinks, games, music, kites, jumping rope, slacklines, juggling balls, dogs, poneys… everything is welcome 😀

I will give you more information about the location later!!
Hope the good weather will be a part of it 🙂


More info at: Picnic at Yoyogi!!