02.08 CHANDELEUR 2015 (CREPE DAY) @ Speak Easy

Do you like crepes? If yes, please come around 7pm this Sunday at Speak Easy! We are going to prepare the celebration of “La chandeleur” or Candlemas, really famous day in France, where we just eat crepes, and drink cider! Anyway, you will be able to do that this sunday! Julien.G is going to help me to organize that! Thanks to him! We gonna buy some products to bake the crepes, and also some nutella, jam, sugar, lemon… to eat with! We will ask a participation of ¥ 100 for one crepe!! I will also bring cider to go with it!
We are looking for you, for this typical French Event! Matane

SUNDAY from 19:00 – A Partir de 19:00 – 19時から
Chandeleur 2015 (Crepe day) – Entrance FREE!!
All cocktails at ¥500. All beers at ¥600 – Tous les cocktails à ¥500. Toutes les bières à ¥600 – 飲み物だけ 500 円。 ビール 600 円
SPEAK EASY BAR で会いましょう!!
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